Myth #1: I founded a company; I can easily sell it myself.

Myth #1: I founded a company; I can easily sell it myself.

The reality is you could probably do a lot of things that you’re not qualified to do (e.g., represent yourself in a legal case, change your oil, or something that seems more straightforward such as rewiring your home). In the end, the savings don’t outweigh the risks, which is why we hire experts with the knowledge, experience and tools to address specific requirements. So, in the end, you could certainly take on M&A, but at what risk and ultimately at what cost?

M&A: If You Buy It, You Integrate It.

Far too many acquisitions across industries, geographies and sizes fail to meet their post-acquisition targets. According to a commonly cited Harvard Business Review metric, 70-90% of acquisitions fail, in part, as a result of poor integration execution. We often hear of a high-priced acquisition within the Digital Marketing, Analytics, Content or Media sectors struggling and then being unceremoniously absorbed into the parent company.

The Salad Days are Over – Part I.

For all intents and purposes, the last decade has provided a remarkably strong and accommodating business environment for most marketing and digital agencies, especially for those that were newly formed in the period. Even COVID proved a “boon” for many companies whose clients required a rapid acceleration of their digital transformation initiatives.

The Salad Days are Over – Part II.

In this Part II, we discuss 5 Building for Culture tenets that change the way business is conducted and they are Focus on the Doable, Know your Future, Be Resilient, Change the Mechanics of Building and Managing a Bench and Build a “Yes and…” Culture