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M&A Value is Created
With Integration,

Not Deal Making.


Value isn’t magically unlocked upon the close of a transaction. It takes a diligent effort and an application of deep industry experience to ensure all of the reasons for combining the businesses actually become reality. At Bravery, we believe that Buy-Side deal value is created by ably integrating the acquired business – not in the valuation or closing of the transaction. We believe this because so many firms struggle to turn conceptual pre-close “synergies” into post-close realities.

Identifying synergies is difficult, but by involving Bravery in your Buy-Side efforts, you can be assured that both the target and your own businesses will be evaluated in the right synergistic context and years of industry, M&A and operational experience put to effective use.

When Bravery talks about being the most contemporary M&A advisory in the industry, it’s because we uniquely possess the ability to be more than investment bank partners. That is, in addition to the M&A process, we really do understand what it is you do so that we can be the key strategic partner on a Buy-Side deal – and we are talking about the deal in its entirety – that is all the way through to a fully integrated acquisition.

We Partner With you to

Fully Explore Potential Synergies

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Determine Value and Metrics

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Integration Planning

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Integration Execution

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Our Buy-Side Approach


Synergy Assessment: Support deal team with the identification and valuation of realizable synergies.
Integration Planning Assessment: Support deal team with the checklist and actionable plan creation/validation.
Integration Support: Support for the post-deal implementation of the plan.
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Acquisitions are hard.

It’s why 70-80% of them fail (HBR). Bravery provides the perfect combination of strategic insights, support, and expertise in the M&A process. We serve as an in-house M&A team.