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Founded in 2021, Bravery Group (Bravery) is purpose-built for M&A, performance improvement and capital advisory across analytics, digital marketing, advertising and commerce companies. Bravery was quickly recognized for its depth of understanding of the martech and AdTech industries, its ability to define strategic synergies and deliver industry defining valuations. such pertinent insights require the knowledge that comes from global industry practice leads with decades of category experience delivering enterprise digital strategy, agency operations, agency leadership and participating in strategic exits. This leads to a value proposition that excites.

Bravery is the most contemporary advisory in the industry. Our approach to M&A and capital advisory incorporates the value of ecosystems, partnerships and strategic alliances. This leads to a valuation that satisfies the sell-side, global enterprise partners and buy-side requirements for transactions. Bravery’s model entails a seamless, proven process that achieves the key objectives of timely, focused and efficient transactions that deliver premium values. 

When we talk about our network, we don’t simply mean a list of firms with “dry powder.” Instead, we look at our client’s orbit and identify the technology companies and alliance programs where our relationships are strong. These are the network contacts that will to lead to highly strategic acquisitions and when the acquisition is highly strategic, it’s highly valued.

We Partner With you to

Mitigate Acquisition Risk

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Align the ecosystem

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Integrate IT

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Our Buy-Side Approach

Working for you by
working with you.

As a partner to some of the world’s largest SaaS companies and hyperscalers, Bravery  is able to align the strategic alliances and ecosystems to ensure partners, Sell Side and Buy Side achieve their objectives through a process that typically entails four to six months. The model is highly repeatable and extensible because it’s enabled by our deep understanding of analytics, media, SaaS platforms, digital agencies and e-commerce solutions.

Strategic Evaluation

Buyer Needs Assessment: Synchronized thinking about target acquisitions, putting them in the right framework.
Market Assessment: Providing detailed context around market movements and any recent deals of note.
Tech Partner Ecosystem Insights: Our Alliance partner relationships at technology firms provide insider strategic knowledge and perspectives on potential targets.
Potential Target Evaluations: Our strategic context provides a framework for each target evaluation.

M&A Process

Target Approaches: We discretely approach identified targets to determine interest levels.
Deal Negotiations: We lead and advise on any Buy-Side negotiations.
Financial Analysis: The basic historical analysis, but we’ll use our industry expertise to also  accurately validate forward-looking projections.
Guidance & Collaboration: We are part of your deal team, with lots of experience together on a journey to favorable outcomes.


Planning:  Integration planning starts during the deal negotiations so we can be assured that incentives align.
Execution: Knowing and framing the intent of the acquisition allows us to  provide needed continuity for integration team.

Acquisitions are hard.

It’s why 70-80% of them fail (HBR). Bravery provides the perfect combination of strategic insights, support, and expertise in the M&A process. We serve as an in-house M&A team.