M&A Advisory / Strategic Readiness / Corporate Strategy


Board Advisory

We specialize in delivering expert Board Advisory services tailored to the unique needs of digital agencies, management consulting firms, advertising agencies, media agencies, analytics consultancies and AI engineering firms. Our dedicated team provides high-level guidance and support to clients in navigating a diverse array of strategic and operational challenges and opportunities within these industries. Leveraging our deep industry-specific experience, we work in close partnership with owners and stakeholders to drive substantial and quantifiable short-term and long-term shareholder value creation.

Strategic Readiness

Drawing upon our extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and operational expertise, our Board Advisory services specialize in conducting comprehensive strategic and financial assessments for our clients. We go beyond traditional consulting by offering both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, benchmarked against our proprietary industry database. Our goal is to help clients determine the most optimal approach and timing for initiating a sales process.

Our strategic readiness services are particularly valuable for businesses contemplating a sale in the future. We take a holistic approach to ensure that all facets of the organization are meticulously structured and poised for maximum market appeal. Our focus is on maximizing the value of the business upon exit.

Corporate Strategy

We specialize in orchestrating and leading strategic planning initiatives for business owners, executives, and Boards with a focus on creating and enhancing value. With decades of industry-specific, hands-on experience as founders and leaders, our expertise lies in conducting thorough strategic and business assessments, encompassing in-depth SWOT analysis, comprehensive studies of the competitive landscape, and the pinpointing of opportunities for market differentiation and associated revenue growth prospects leveraging deep domain knowledge.