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Founded in 2021, Bravery Group (Bravery) was purpose-built for M&A, performance improvement and capital advisory across  analytics, digital marketing, advertising and commerce companies. Bravery was quickly recognized for its depth of understanding of the martech and AdTech industries, its ability to define strategic synergies and deliver industry defining valuations. Such pertinent insights require the knowledge that come from being a global industry practice lead with decades of category experience delivering enterprise digital strategy, agency operations, agency leadership and participating in strategic exits. 

Bravery is the most contemporary advisory in the industry. Our approach to M&A and capital advisory incorporates the value of ecosystems, partnerships and strategic alliances. This leads to a valuation that satisfies the sell-side, global enterprise partners and buy-side requirements for transactions. Bravery’s model entails a seamless, proven process that achieves the key objectives of timely, focused and efficient transactions that deliver premium values.

There are over 9,000 marketing technology firms and thousands more services businesses that make up the marcomm ecosystem.  Frankly, it’s impossible for external actors such as investment banks to provide meaningful context or strategic M&A advice beyond transaction particulars in this fragmented of a  market. Bravery was founded to ensure business owners of digital marketing and analytics companies ultimately realize the true monetary value of the firm they built. We go beyond solid, fundamental M&A advice and provide deep industry expertise that fully considers the business context, marketplace alignment and future potential of the business. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s hard to talk strategic value if you don’t understand the industry.

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Our Sell-Side Approach

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Bravery provides Extended Sell-Side Advisory Services in that we assist our clients with a comprehensive analysis of the state of the business and preparedness to “go-to-market.” This process determines whether a business is market ready and whether the performance of the business will achieve a premium valuation. Bravery is built on the foundation of honesty, integrity and trust and as such we believe it’s our responsibility to provide a thorough evaluation of a business leveraging industry knowledge and competitive benchmarks to determine if changes are necessary that will provide for higher valuations at a later date. Bravery’s industry and category knowledge, coupled with depth of performance, IP and solution delivery capabilities differentiates our offerings from traditional investment banks.

Strategic Evaluation

Readiness Assessment: We review business performance against industry benchmarks to determine whether a premium valuation can be obtained.
Strategic Value Assessment: We provide context to market movements and recent deals.
Tech Partner Ecosystem Insights: We use our Alliance partner relationships at technology firms to provide an insider strategic perspective on ecosystem alignment and potential Buy-Side targets.
Potential Buy-Side Evaluations: We layer our strategic context on top of each target evaluation.

M&A Process

Target Approaches: We will determine, based upon the business performance and objectives of a transaction whether a direct approach, limited auction or broad market process should be followed.
Select Audience: We define the target Buy-Side through an ecosystem process that involves strategic partners and alliances with the objective of focusing vs. a more traditional broad market investment bank approach.
Market Preparation: We will work to ensure financial, operational and legal requirements for a due diligence process meet the highest standards for a successful transaction.
Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM): The CIM represents the narrative taken to market. Bravery’s CIM process is unique as it’s based on a collective of industry and category knowledge and depth of understanding of offerings and unique value propositions coupled with a concise vision for post-acquisition synergies and future implications.
Deal Negotiations: We will lead the Sell-Side negotiations.
Guidance & Collaboration: We are a critical part of your deal team working in collaboration with legal, tax, accounting and internal teams to ensure a successful outcome.


Planning: We work to ensure detailed integration plans are developed in order to ensure the future synergistic value is maximized. Our role is to facilitate clear and concise objectives for both parties with the objective of a unified approach to achieving the target business outcomes.

Acquisitions are hard.

It’s why 70-80% of them fail (HBR). Bravery provides the perfect combination of strategic insights, support, and expertise in the M&A process. We serve as an in-house M&A team.