Bravery Group was specifically founded on the pillars of innovation and disruption. These pillars are reflected in our election to embrace1 the oneNDA standard as another way to use innovative solutions to better serve our clients.

What is oneNDA?

oneNDA is a crowd-sourced, open-source mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement launched in September 2021. Over 1,100 organizations around the globe are now using this non-negotiable commercial NDA template and in 2022, oneNDA released an NDA standard for M&A. Bravery Group encourages the use of the mutual NDA and M&A version in the course of our business.

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What are the Benefits of oneNDA?

Standardization: Everyone can be assured of receiving “market” terms in their NDA. oneNDA was created collaboratively by a group of leading law firms and in-house teams with input from the wider legal community. The terms of oneNDA have been extensively deliberated to ensure they are balanced, fair, and easy to understand.

Time: OneNDA reduces the time spent reviewing and negotiating terms that are not market or standard and eliminates the stream of redlines. This saves valuable time and money.

Using oneNDA

Using the oneNDA simplifies what can be an otherwise complex process. The PARTIES & EXECUTION and VARIABLES sections are to be mutually agreed (negotiated) by the parties, while the TERMS are set by oneNDA and are not for negotiation. If these standard TERMS cannot be accepted for any reason, Bravery Group will revert to the alternative NDA and corresponding negotiation process.